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Sadly looking to sell our 1987 K10 Nissan Micra Hatchback. £200 ono. We have owned it since new. 116,000 miles. Runs with electronic ignition, new clutch exhaust, Weber carb, etc. Mots - no failures. For improvement or parts. Currently SORNED. Have photos of car. Tel 020 7223 8635 after 6pm. London.
Hey was going to make a post but you seem like to have the best info. I have an Aussie spec cg13de (1997) wanna build for street NA. have a JUN lightweight flywheel and also a nistune for tuning, 4-1 headers and wanna order 774 cams. So my main question is what's the best way to boost the compression ratio?
Part 2 of question.

I have head of using early dizzy cg10de flattop pistons. How about coil pack cg10de pistons or cr12de pistons (also 71mm). One thought I had was using a cga3de crankshaft 82.8mm (but with cg13de rods) in my mind it would give an increase in both compression ratio and capacity (1275 to 1311)