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my gold k12 1.2 blog

I´ve been wanting for some time a blog with updates on the mods, fixes and upgrades that i do to my car. This is a work in progress and there are a LOT of things still to do this car.

So, i got this car in march 2022 as my first car with 110.000km. Did some basic manteinance to it when i got it (oil, filters, tires, etc). Car worked flawlessly and been a really great fun daily driver since.
Pd: Sorry for the sketchy english ;)
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Noticed when cleaning for the first time the engine bay that the air duct was missing. I didn´t think too much about it for some time. But i saw through the obd that the intake air was really hot (40+ºC in 15ºC weather)

Only thing i could find was broken OEM duct on my local junkyard, got it for free. So, i bought an adaptable tube and made it work.


And for good measure i wrapped in aluminium tape the underside of the tube and the filter box to reflect some of the heat coming from the exhaust manifold.

Also, i deleted all the intake silencers. Now it makes a lot of cool induction noises!
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First mod! installed eibach pro kit lowering springs. Overall review, they are really easy to install (if you have the right equipment), cheap and the micra now handles like a kart!

Only thing i didn´t like was the ride height. It didn´t lower the car as much as i wanted to. If you only want to improve handling is highly recomend it.

While some hard driving my brake discs overheated and got warped. I also noticed that the brake pads were really thin, so i bought new brembo discs and new bosch brake pads. Maybe i should rebuild the rear drum brakes soon.