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A warm welcome to the MSC, the home for all things related to the Nissan Micra

Home to over 10,000 Nissan Micra enthusiasts from across the globe, The Club caters for all marques of the Nissan Micra from the early K10, through the K11, K12 and K13, all the way to the present K14 and even the rare March Super Turbo.

Please take a look around, and join in on our community forums. The Micra Sports Club (MSC) was formed in 2001 and we are the only Nissan Micra (and March) car club in the UK.

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If you cannot find what you're looking for in our guides section, you will find a wealth of knowledge on the clubs internet forum with over 10,000 members and separate forums dedicated to maintenance, tuning and styling.

We are possibly the best source of help and information available on the net, and we can only get better. We have many club meets every year, at some of the best car shows and also smaller regional meets. The club has a lot to offer to those who are willing to make the most of it on a social and interest levels.

The formation of the Micra Sports Club was just a natural progression from its original website created by Ed Ralph, the founder of the Micra Sports Club.

The Modded Micra Network was created back in 1997 with a small community of Micra Enthusiasts, some of which are still with us today, as we celebrate our 25th year as the MSC in 2022!

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