NISSAN Micra Radio Code Please!


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Thank you for replying, Do you possibly know anyone that could decode these ones or what are my alternatives?
You might get lucky with one of the people on eBay that do decoding for £1, failing that a Nissan main dealer, but they will charge the earth :0(
Hi could someone please help me! My battery died and I’m now locked out of my radio on my 2009 Nissan Micra! I can’t find my serial number on the radio as I can’t remove the screen but I have been locked out of the system and the numbers displayed are as follows:

Serial Number: 4684699
Device Number: 7612830003
Date: 30.39.30

Any help would be really appreciated!
Hi, I have a 2011 micra and the nav system has lost the code,

Serial number 2392210
Device number 7612830051

If some could help that would be great.