SuperTurbo /March R Ecu's Explained(Translated)


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I'm quite liking the the march R ecu but igniton map is for High octane fuel so you be melting piston left ,right and center. From what I can see s/c cuts off at 3000rpm!! ####ing cool! and rpm is 8000rpm although I'd only need 7500rpm

Nissan is calling so-called ECU ECCS (the engine concentration and electronically controlled system Engine Central Control System) unit.
It is a computer unit that controls the engine and [oginautsuwa].
The control and the self-diagnosis function etc. of the amount of fuel supply, the ignition timing idol rotation, and the supercharging machine are controlled.
It is more usual to do [reburimitto] (limitation of the rotational speed) and the speed limit.

Seven kinds of ECU(ROM) of the following [tamehashi] has been done so far as ECU of super-march turbo/march R. I want to describe the sense where it actually installs for the time being and it runs though it is necessary to analyze the data and to describe in detail in reality. all

1. The pure first term of march super-turbo type
2. The march super-turbo pure latter term type
3. ROM? for march R rally
4. March R purity latter term type
5. March R [**]
6. [Mainzu] VX-ROM for the march super-turbo
7. the march super-turbo purity For AT

Type of the pure first term of super-turbo type and latter term
I do not feel the difference in the type of the first term type and latter term in the running sense.

Rally ROM?
It seems to be ROM used for the game vehicle of the rally entered the war by march R though obtained with ROM unit hearing rally ROM.
I thought that the expansion in a high-speed region was especially good in the feeling of the performance that exceeded pure march R whether the type (Because it was ECU described later, it is latter term) a little overall in feeling that did [tamehashi].
5000 rotations rise from about 2000 rotations when comparing it with standard ECU whether the type (latter term) of march R power, and think that it has changed very delicious and powerfully from 3000.
I think that the rotation goes up more smoothly and more powerfully than standard ECU whether the type (latter term) of march R in a high-speed region.
Moreover, it seems that the limiter is a setting of 8000 rpm or less, and doesn't have the speed cutting. High octane specification.
It is presumed to 88/8-89/8 that it means produced 23710-21B00, and latter term means 89/9-23710-21B20 with initial march R.

March R purity latter term type
ECU of march R is said that power will go out of super-turbo, and the torque goes up overall than super-turbo if it actually tries, and power has gone out obviously experiencing it.
Power comes out from 2000 rotations. From 3000 rotations by the maximum torque feeling's centering on 4000 rotations It is felt between 5000 rotations that it has power most.
Exceeding..a little..power..decrease..feel..even so..acceleration.
Power increases feeling that basically piles up the engine characteristic of super-turbo.
The ignition map of ECU for march R is improved a little than super-turbo, and marches like the regular gasoline though is not attached to super-turbo/R the knock sensor R Two of the trials of three super-turbo has details that the knock is caused, it replaces with high-octane gasoline, and the knock is put down though is when ECU is installed the vehicle not knocked either.

March R [**](ECU that remodeled pure march R)
The content of ROM rewriting is set for the boost when changing into the turbo-charger to change by about 0.7. It is set that the supercharger doesn't cut an off accelerator because of the supercharger's to the shift change the supercharger's turning on when treading on the accelerator moreover, and making it not cut it.
All boosts : up to 1.1. [Reburimitta-] is cut. The fuel is additionally adjusted to it.
I hear that acceleration was a crossing mission of march R according to the owner who remodeled this ECU, and acceleration equal with type M of the skyline.
The operation of the supercharger is begun from about 1000 rotations though the supercharger doesn't operate in the state of idling. Power still : though it is understood that the torque is growing even if it is low-speed The peak comes from 3000 rotations to 5000 rotations around 4000 rotations.
The feeling of power seeming is feeling that exceeds made of [mainzu] a little, be [pi-ki-], power go up suddenly while it turns the corner, and it dash out from the corner.

[Mainzu] VX-ROM for super-turbo(ECU of tuning with [mainzu])
Power increases feeling that piles up the engine characteristic of super-turbo basically in feeling where it runs though the standard is uncertain.
ECU and a pure performance for march R are almost the same as the performance of VX-ROM for super-turbo of [mainzu] in the sense. It is interested in the performance though ECU of the tuning for march R is being marketed from [mainzu] by another for super-turbo.

The march super-turbo purity For AT
I think that power has gone out somehow somehow in a high-speed region though it is a feeling the same for the manual mission.



Summary of result of doing [tamehashi]
When you compare owned ECU in the performances
Super-turbo is [mainzu] VX-ROM > pure for super-march R [**] >> rally ROM > march R purity latter term = turbo.
Result..become..turbo..pure..first term..latter term..differ..manual..differ..significant..difference..provide..think.
It is understood that ROM Cheung has left room where it seems that an effective remodeling method and the performance improves greatly by ROM Cheung in super-turbo.
It is regrettable that the ECU dealings price of march R has risen abnormally in the auction etc. recently the quick one is to exchange for ECU of march R.

Kind of ECU
Identification number 44 is march R, 45 as shown in the above-mentioned table, and AT and 46 of the super-turbo are the manual of super-turbo shifts. As for the difference of the base, where has changed is not understood.
The last figure of the lot number suggests that ECU at the first term and latter term exist roughly dividing into of super-turbo and march R each from T07 though it is T12.
Though it is uncertain there is a difference in the part of the program where, when presuming from the sign of the last 2 digits described in the label of ROM, the last 2 digits of the lot number of march R at the first term seems, and the last 2 digits of ROM seems with T07 and M7 and latter term seem M9 in T12 in T09 in T11 at the latter term of [o-toma] at the first term of the manual of A5 and super-turbo at M6 and march R latter term though the first term of M8 [o-toma] is ..A4.. unconfirmed in T08 in T10.
However, the difference of these signs is in the part of the program where the difference, and doesn't understand how to have brought the performance the difference.
It seems that the circuit of the part of ROM is basically the same because it operated normally though ROM of march R was installed in the base of super-turbo.
If it was ECU not remodeled, ROM of march R or it was remodeled as a radical like that though the story of identifying whether the indicator lamp of the supercharger did not light, and it was ECU of march R had been heard It was confirmed that the lamp of the supercharger lit when ROM was installed in the base of super-turbo. Is the base of ECU the one of march R or is it decided whether the pilot lamp lights about super-turbo?
The pilot lamp doesn't light if the one of march R installs by ROM and installs the pilot lamp in the base of march R even if ROM is the one of super-turbo lighting if the base is super-turbo.

Limiter(march R)
It returns when the fuel cutting is done when the vehicle speed becomes 180K or more per hour or 7040 rotations or more in march R or the state of 6400 rotations or more continues for about five seconds, and the vehicle speed becomes 6740 rotations or less from 174K or less.

About ROM(Read Only Memory)
It seems to have been integrated by Toyota etc. though computer (ECU) is composed of CPU and ROM by an advanced integrated circuit.
The number of production used to be few, and the march kinds of the nonvolatile semiconductor memory EPROM was used.
EPROM(Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) deletes the content, and is ROM of the type even of which degrees can be written again how many.
The system can be made the latest only by deleting the content of ROM when the content of the program is changed or it works out the bugs and writing it newly.
EPROM is UV-EPROM according to the internal structure UV-EPROM that is EPROM of the type to apply ultraviolet rays UV in ECU of Nissan Motor and to delete data is used though it is classified.
Therefore, the content can be deleted by detaching EPROM chip from the base, removing the seal that covers ultraviolet rays, setting in ROM [ire-sa] (device that adheres the ultraviolet rays lamp), and irradiating ultraviolet rays.
It only has to write it with the device where a new program will be called ROM programmer (Or, read-only memory writer) later. wants to be going to obtain the read-only memory writer and the program in the future, to offer a further examination, and to offer Canadian and ROM of the tuning if possible by a suitable price.

Those who detach it about ECU
It empties in the thing putting of the dashboard in front of the passenger's seat.
Two plus screws that stop the cover to which the emergency signal light is attached under the dashboard are removed.

The left side to be a shelf and tightening of [tomo] under the dashboard.
The label of the number of parts under the main body of ECU is seen when removing a cover.
The wiring connector where it goes from the lower side to ECU has been inserted. It actually divides into four connectors though the whole is seen 1 piece.
It pulls it out while releasing the stopper pushing the center of each connector.
It is not easy to come off, ..straight slot screwdriver.. [kojiru] ..lightly.. pushing the stopper of the connector.

Next, the bolt of 10milli where the left of ECU under is fixed is removed by the spanner.
Two bolts (ten millis) in the thing putting of the dashboard are removed with a long, large-scale cross slot screwdriver or socket wrench.

ECU removes it and drags ECU below because it is caught to the hole at the center of the thing putting with the hook.

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baz i used him this week about 5 days.he melted 2 times my spark plugs and cracked them.i now installed iridium ones and the 46 u know why this ecu is so agressive and what should i do to and change to the car so i wont melt the pistons or the whole engine?sometime i use 95 octane fuel and sometimes 100


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baz i used him this week about 5 days.he melted 2 times my spark plugs and cracked them.i now installed iridium ones and the 46 u know why this ecu is so agressive and what should i do to and change to the car so i wont melt the pistons or the whole engine?sometime i use 95 octane fuel and sometimes 100

I think Baz told me that when he run 95 octane he melted the 3rd piston, although Baz will have to confirm this, also i think this was after Ed's remap


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where i am i ran mine on 99 - 98 just to be sure, as i say Baz will have to tell you exactly as i havnt had my ST too long


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Use 97/98 octaine NOT 95. It made a BIG difference on my ST.
does anyone have a ma09ert ecu for sale? If so, is it possible that I can hang it on ebay to make an easy purchase? my ecu suffered serious damage due to a short circuit I would like to find one available, I appreciate the help