1989 Superturbo

Hi guys !
Return of a long time member - Adam ! Starting a new thread on my march superturbo

I had a superturbo 12 years ago and I could never get it running correctly. To be honest I was too young to own the type of car it is. I also had a k11 super s with nismo lips and when I look at some of my 16 year old posts on here from 12 years ago cringe (admin please delete them all lol). I actually ended up being a qualified mechanic by trade. I have had a mega collection of cars which include, 3x ek9s, dc5 , s15, s13 which I imported and made 400hp sr20 then 485hp 1jz ! I always looked back at my younger self and regretted selling the superturbo . As luck would have it I managed to purchase this superturbo off martin (martycturbo) in February.
I have some really big plans for the car and I want to change pretty much everything on it and put my twist to it . It's a keeper for good
Some of you might recognize the car as it was owned by long term member Baz. The car itself is in great condition for its age but in general needs some tidy up and upgrade due to being 31 years old really .

This is one of the photos i was sent by marty and i just fell in love, i really had to have it.

Superturbo 1.jpg
We've all been there bud, not owning a st but being young and lack of knowledge

To be honest I think it looks so good as it is but each to they're own
We've all been there bud, not owning a st but being young and lack of knowledge

To be honest I think it looks so good as it is but each to they're own

It does look good I completely agree . I just want to change a couple of bits on it to my style.

When bringing the car home on the 4 hour journey home it actually broke down. It developed a misfire and then ran out of fuel . The fuel guage was stuck on halfway so I thought it was ok . Filled it back up with fuel and off we went again but misfire got so bad that it would not take a engine load at all. Got the car recovered home and I changed all the usual service bits

Fitted new ht leads. New distributor cap and rotor arm. Fuel filter and new spark plugs.
It massively improved the problem and the car would now drive but still down on power.

I decided to change fuel pump , even if it did not cure the issue I wanted to fit a updated pump anyway . In went a walbro 255lph. When I removed the housing the fuel pump was fitted orientated slightly wrong and the fuel pump sock/filter was fouling the fuel guage sender so it would stop it halfway in its travel. Problem found and cured for the guage only going to halfway.
After start up car went really good . Lots of power now restored !

I then gave it a really good wash

I fitted a rb25det series 2 maf from a r34 skyline and changed the settings on the nistune to run it .

The existing exhaust which was in the car was a nice oem style fujitsubo exhaust, but was had got its grip on it so I decided for a full turbo back system while also going from 42mm tuning up to a 50mm for a small bit extra flow.

Border 304 style back box

I also bought some nice ce28s in original anodized finish to replace the Ray's group n's . I also went for a tiny bit if a more aggressive offset
As can be seen above I also had a catch can made. The intake silicone house that housed the vacuum sources was also remade in aluminium with 1/8 push locks fittings

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CD player removed for a defi din unit , white face with green glow.
I much prefer it over the stereo sits right at home .

I am now looking for some description of a unit that connects to to radio wiring , something that just take power and speaker cables and is bluetooth and has an aux port. I want to get something as small as possible to fit in the glove box , does anyone have any suggestions ?

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Nice. I went with a Bosch Motorsport DBW throttle on my CGA3 ;)


Where did you get your loom plugs from BTW, I can't quite make out the text on the photo.
What a beauty! I saw this yoke in some pics of Peter Kamisnkis facebook. Gorgeous car. I've always had a soft spot for one after hearing one do a fly-by at a car show when I was younger and could not understand how a car made those noises haha. Haven't seen one in the flesh since, and that was a LONG time ago. Not many around Ireland in general I'd say. There was one up on donedeal a while back, black also. If I'd have had the cash at the time, I'd have gone to take a look. Is that this one?
Still slowly peicing this together.

Started the wiring last week .

Few updates from the intercooler plumbing complete with titanium, made a turbo manifold , Ap racing front brakes , rays te37s , Two brides .

Lot of work completed in the last year or so .


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