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  • Hi Ed, you seem to be the man to ask.
    I am swapping out the 1L manual from my trike and fitting a 1.3 auto, both K11 engines so fitting isn’t an issue.
    It’s the dreaded NATS that’s causing me a pain. The engine I am fitting is from a 97 micra with the red chip keys, is there a way round it or am I up a creak? The car is still a runner as I am trying to sort it before fitting.
    Thanks, Nigel.
    Hoping u can help me bro saw that u we're making a write up on the st ecu remap ever finished it . Upgraded turbo n finishing up wiring soon to start but would like to deal with a retune before I do any heavy runs and damage anything .
    hi ed, i have a quick question, you seem to be the man to ask. i would like to remap my ecu, however i have a 2002 1.0L auto with the Motronic ecu, can the maps on this ecu be modified? is there a piggyback system i can use with it as there is no nistune (my preferred choice) option for this unit. any other suggestions?
    Found it @ SAU Site

    I just had my ST dynoed at 174bhp @ 1.6 bar of boost. I am using a walbro 255 high pressure fuel pump & GTIR 440cc injectors . This however is NOT on the standard HT10 turbo! - Is it possible to tell me how to build a custom T25/HT10 Turbo or should I just upgrade?

    I wouldnt dare try any more boost with the tiny intercooler and engine internals. - Did you keep the standard intercooler?
    I've been forwarded to you in my search for more power to a Nissan Micra K12C 1.0. Would you happen to know a.) if there is such a thing as a turbocharger for a K12 or b.) if not, what turbochargers would work for a K12? Thanks
    Im wondering if bearings and pistonsrings are included with the pistons and rods that you sell
    Hi Ed sorry for not replying on chat house internet died so am on me phone and the chats being funny, and conversation will have to be pm'd
    alright mate do you know if there are any stand passes left for JAE? cheers jordan :)
    Need to ask kev, not me :)
    Will do, thanks :)
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