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  • Hi mate, does the guy who put his name down for the Peter Lloyd System still want it, or is it up for grabs again? Cheers
    hey bud, still got the Tein coilovers? What's the highest they'll sit? I'm running 15" Rota Slipstreams on 195/45/15 tyres and dont want any rubbing or anything. What's the ride on them like? Cheers dude.
    ####e sorry mate, im useless. everythings still on the vehicle and will remain there untill i find a new car for the next 12 months. apologies for the lack of replys! i'll have a weekend free before long to rip it all apart. :(
    Hello man, I did PM you earlier but no reply... just about the cat back system... Am im a pretty big need of it now :D
    sound bud, just send your address, the wishbones are gone bud sorry, ive got one left but I burst the ball joint boot taking it off so its kinda useless unless you can get a boot. :S haa.

    my paypal is [email protected] gunna cover the charge at your end by sending it as a gift.

    Cheers bud.! ps, you need to empty your mailbox :D
    Bugga, sorry SEB, completely crossed my mind! Have them for you first thing in the morning.
    Dude! you got it? paid in before, Lloyds TSB are #### so went to Barclays to complete the transaction! ooo awesome, i await the delivery hehe
    hey mate, just to let you know that my internet banking thing wouldnt let me transfer the money over so im going the bank now to do it. Should be in around 2.30pm time :)

    sad times mate, have you got a blog for your SR? what colour is it? is it the one as your profile pic? how good are the SR's man
    Ok then mate, just making sure as car will be scrapped on Friday. Tell me about it. Ive only sat in my SR for about half an hour since I bought it about 3 weeks ago! :( No time eh!
    everything in the photo seems fine mate so dont worry lol, if i need anything else then will hit the scrappy. Awesome mate, will fit it as soon as it comes, missing not driving my SR :( lol
    Awesome stuff mate, that is everything. Will send the money now, let me know when you get it. Thanks again buddy ;)
    Erm I need your full name, account number and sort code dude. My name and address are:

    Mr Craig Taylor
    11 Grandison Road
    L4 9TN
    Got no money in my account dude :(
    erm any other payment methods accepted? only as I need the stuff this week as im wanting to fit it
    Awesome dude! could you send key, barrel (with sensor on) and ECU? get back to me with prices but im willing to pay mate... thanks craig
    hey dude, just to confirm, what date is your SR and I also need the ignition switch plug so that the ECU recognises the key... what would that total be? thanks again mate

    p.s. does yours have NATS
    Hi mate, i see your are selling bits off your car. Any chance of selling your ECU and key? pm me with prices and delivery

    thanks, Craig
    Yo Joe
    sorry for the full pm box ! Made some room for new messages, waiting your final quote for the items ;)

    I am in need od a dash with a rev counter, would your instruments fit my 2000 reg 1.4? if so i would be very intersted :)

    how much would postage be to essex?

    if they would fit please contact me

    ah no worries dude, I checked it at around 1pm today as its only 10miles from me... because I knew you was looking for a car :S
    Erm, the boot looked like it had been sprayed, well a poor attempt but an easy fix. The body seemed to be in good condition and i only checked the drivers sill which was done, but need to be sanded and wax oiled tbh.

    The interior was in good condition too and the mileage was amazing. I didnt ask the guy for a test drive but from what you say, sounds like it hasnt been looked after very well :(
    dude!!! i saw this car today as well... in widnes?
    I was about to tell you about it, but it seems you saw it already. Did you see the mess of a bootlid as well?
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