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  • hello how did you wire the fog light switch up? I've bought an extra stalk to put where there's a missing one but don't know where to put 2 wires into it to make it a switch.. It's got so many conector.cheers
    Rear speakers will be quite heavy but I'll have a look. Havent had the chance to see if there in good working order yet but if they are then Im sure we can come to some arrangment. So the address?
    You need to open up some space in your Inbox Seb. Just tryd sending you a PM but it dissalowed me. This is what id tryd to send;

    No problem Seb, could I have an address of you please. I'll take a picture when I get round to stripping the car either tomorrow evening or the beginning of next week. Thanks, Joe.

    reply via PM please Seb! thanks again.
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