Winding down front windows doesn't remove water...

Hi All,

Have just bought a 2013 NISSAN MICRA TEKNA DIG-S CVT 5 DOOR HATCHBACK (didn't mean to shout! - Copy and paste innit) and this morning the front drivers window was covered in dew.

Winding the window down didn't make any difference however.

Any bright ideas as to if I can add something that would work as a better 'squeegee' when the windows wind down?

Thanks Chaps!

I gather from a bot of google-age that this is simply a design fault.

Its really annoying though! If anyone has a bright idea I'd love to hear it.
Till now my windows were ok. If it is a second hand car then probably the previous owner sat with the elbow on the window side deforming the squeegee. A fix for this would be to force the squeegee on an angle in order to clean the surface better. Not the best fix, but might do.