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  • Hi guy. Hope your are well. The radio code on my micra 2005 is not working I wonder if you can help me please.


    These are some of the codes at the back of the radio. Not sure what you may been if you can help.

    Hopefully you can help!!

    Hi guy I'm currently having trouble getting a radio code for my Micra and have been told your the man to see. It's bp538758559493
    Any help you could give would be really appreciated.
    Thanks dan
    I also have issue with needing a code. BP 536556438283 help would be much appreciated please.. ...
    Hi there guy can u please help me with the stereo code please please is nisan micra and the number in the back is bp5384 6 9476685
    Hi Guy
    was delighted to come across you - could you help me out with a radio code for my mother's nissan micra, please?
    Serial no: PP3001mb0030602
    part no: 28185bg10a
    Thanks M
    G'day from Fin(e)land Guy!
    When I try to go your webpage, I get this message:

    "Website Renewal Required

    Is this your domain? Please contact our support office

    X9 Internet
    0843 28 962 28

    Web Hosting Since 1998"

    Is this on deliberately or by accident, that pages don't work?
    Your pages are awesome, Thank you for that!

    Hi Mika, I'm in the process of changing web hosts. Normal service will be resumed soon ;-).
    Mika The Finn
    Mika The Finn
    What a relieve to hear that. I got worried. You have such a great pages! =0)
    Guy. Do you have a link so I can get an online manual for the Micra K12 please.
    Been using your radio replacement guide and wondering if you could offer some advice. the three coloured plugs up top ( what function do they serve? I've been told I can leave them unplugged while using an ISO adapter to my new Sony radio, is this true?
    Kind Regards
    It kame to my knowledge that you have a soft version of the K12 Micra User Manual. If you di can you send a copy to my email? ([email protected]) Much appreciated. Thanks
    lol, that`s a tricky one :)) Thanks Guy ! I`ll see if its different from the one I bought from EBAY. If it is I`ll post it on a new thread.
    Can someone please share a soft-copy of user manual (not the service manual)?
    I recently bought a March K12, and I don't know how to operate some of features properly as the car was bought second hand, without a manual. Thanks!
    multimeter dropped when pulling out the fuse for immobiliser (quite rapidly, about 0.12) and also dropped when pulling fuse out for BCM (didnt drop quite as rapid as the immobiliser fuse but did drop quite a bit). So 2 possible problems ? Do you happen to know where these parts are located on the car, also do you know what the white box is situated directly behind the passenger headlight
    Hello Guy
    I was advised to speak to you as your very good with K12 Micras.
    My 56 plate Micra Sports boot lock/latch is not working very well, its only since we have had the cold weather and snow.
    Do you have any ideas what it may be?. i hear that this is a real problem with the K12.
    Kind Regards, Pip.
    Hi all, sorry as i'm new to this with me being a pensioner. i wonder if anyone can help me? i require the code to unlock my radio as the battery was disconnected whilst repairing. The only info i have is its a 1.2 (2005) micra and i can see a code saying VK16013 on my spare tag. Hope someone can help with this...many thanks Marty
    Hi mate, been told your the k12 god, need code for my radio please, it's doing my head in.

    Seriel: Bp334947227789
    Id: 7643349319


    Hi Guy
    please could you help me with the radio code of my nissan micra k12
    serial number bp 334947244549
    nissan 7643349318
    thanks in advance
    I'll chuck a pic on here soon Daren. Suffice to say, my car's now a 2 seater :laugh:.
    Guy did you get your spare wheel in the boot, did you mock anything up or just chuck it in?
    Cheers for directing me to your site for help on fitting braided hoses. Thought it would be a hell of a lot more complicated than that. However, after seeing your guide, I think I'll be ordering a set of hoses and a cheap bleeding kit as soon as I can. Top man :grinning: (Y)
    Please help I need a radio code for this unit
    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated

    Hi, I'm new to Micra, Just used a March K12 for few weeks now. I wonder why people are talking about Radio Code.
    Does the removal of battery will ruin ECU or any other things in the car???
    I have heard removing battery will damage ECU in some European cars, is it the same in here too??
    Can someone please explain!
    Cheers fella , ive done a few bits latley soo need a few new pics but camera broke but getting it sorted soon soo ill let you know when ive got them all :D cheers again

    Thanks for the welcome I'll certainly get some pics up when I get a chance to give her a good cleaning. I'm learning to drive atm & am due to sit my practical test real soon! So can't wait to be driving my K12 all on my lonesome. That's really good that there have been new K12 members who have joined recently. Now that I have a K12, it seems its all I see over here in NI on the roads.
    Hey was just wondering if i get a few pics of my k12 could you put her up on ypur k12 website?

    if you could let me know soon that'll be great

    cheers mate
    I just purchased a micra C+C and understand from Frank you have a K12 info website, so can you direct me to it.
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