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Tristan's k11 build

Hi, I'm Tristan. I've been active in the Dutch forum and made an account here some time ago, but I thought it was time to post my K11 here finally.

I bought this nugget for 800€ back in 2019 just for the 1.3L engine and the nice color. It was almost the most basic micra available, only having a sunroof and power steering. But in my 3.5 years of ownership I touched every part of the car (at quite some cost?)

On the exterior I began with some fog lights, which have been wrapped yellow a few months ago, I also bought Cabrio taillights and Face2 headlights which I painted black, I took the organe part out too because I dont like orange on this car, so I also got some smoked side indicators. I also painted the grilles black and painted all the badges chrome gold (3d printed a mount for the front grille).

I got a set of mudflaps from the junkyard which I restored, i removed the side strips for a cleaner look, and got a set of mirrors which were completely painted, I fitted a wrap around wing aswell and I managed to find oem wind deflectors.

I installed pop out rear windows too, what a nightmare it was

The car has been lowered on 30mm Apex lowering springs in combination with some cheap second hand 15" wheels that I found looking good which came on yokohama semi slicks (hahah oops)

On the interior I only got a set of MX5 seats I bought of a friend, they sit very high up in the car so I need to learn to weld so I can lower them. I got a boss kit and a nice qsp steering wheel, together with a leather shift boot it finishes of the interior quite nicely.

for comfort I also fitted a Primera P11 wiper stalk, a tachometer dashboard and a parcel shelf with speakers together with a-style tweeters.

Under the bonnet is where most of the work has been going on, everything except for the strut brace (which is on the rear too) is original nissan stuff.
1.3 manual block
1.0 gearbox, 1.0 flywheel, 1.0 crank pulley
Ga16 intake (shortened 10cm to fit in stock location)
Ga16 injectors, its untuned but it drove pretty lean before the swap
And a face2 midpipe, which doesnt have a cat and is supposed to give the car a little more power

On the to do list I still got a ga16 brake kit, a dutch member gave me a good deal on an almera front brake kit (powdercoated blue already :) ) complete with new rear drums (also blue), pads and rotors.

It has been my daily for 9 months and hasnt skipped a single beat, loving the little ****box. I probably forgot about some of the mods I have done, alot of minor things on the car have been changed


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now i see it. The duct taped plastic tube.
Thought you lowered the airbox, to have mor space for the strut brace.
I had to do it that a little bit, because one of the airbox clamps always rubbed against it, wenn the engine revved up...
It's been awhile, I changed quite some things, I really went for an OEM+ look but I want it to have good driving character. Sadly I may havd blown up the cg13, so I'm currently building a high comp cg13 with cg10 pistons


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