Sunroof Drama

Hi everyone,

Long story short, I got my first micra on the weekend, the sunroof was sealed shut with sealant/silicone and aluminium foil. After having it soak all day in white spirit I’ve managed to scrap it all off. The sunroof is now working and leak free, however when I managed to get the sunroof open, there was two brass/gold coloured arms at the two front corners of the sunroof that snapped (one at the tiny screw that holds it into the main railing arm & one of the little “claws” on the plastic attachment snapped) the roof works fine without them..however it gets stuck on them sometimes…I can’t seem to find anything about them online or even find the actual part online, I’ve even been watching YouTube videos of people opening k11 sunroofs to see if I can seek them and I can’t, does anyone know what they are? What they are called? Or if I should replace/repair them? I can’t attach a pic at the moment, can attach one tomorrow morning. Huge thanks in advance this has been playing on my mind the last 3 hours. Many thanks Cathy