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  • Hello mate, I have Just come across your manifold post from 2009. whatever happened to this, did it come to anything ?? i would like a stainless manifold for my 1.3 K11
    can you let me know please, also i feel for you mate trying to help members on here, it is so hard to please this bunch,
    cheers and look forward to hearing from you, Rob
    Hi there first rossie is my fave ridder . Have u still got the road bike mate as im intrested cheers del 07500111509
    there arent realy any available. if you are handy with the fibreglass you could make one from a saxo fit, (like nis) or order stuff from japan but thats expensive (i know i did it)
    yes the bore is quite large, what you need to have done is either a set of matching spiggot rings (plastic rings that centre the wheel on the hub) or have the wheels machined out so that they match the centre bore size of the micra.
    dont run a set of wheels with a larger centre bore without spiggot rings... they wont be centred and could wobble loose.
    thank you

    I'm new and have just seen your post concerning what alloy's will fit the K11 Micra,

    Wheels from
    Vauxhall corsa, nova, astra (4 stud) kadett, calibra 8V,
    Vw Golf mk 1-3, Polo, Lupo,
    Nissan Pulsar / sunny / almera 4 stud. primera 4stud, 180sx S13 4 stud.
    Toyota Starlet, AE86 hachiroku, Celica, Mr2 4 stud,
    Mazda 323, 626 4 stud, Mx-5 (modification needed to centre bore), mx-3 4 stud,
    Honda Civic, Accord 4 stud, Integra, Jazz.

    99% of all cars with 4x100 wheel fitment wil have wheels that fit the micra. its all about choice.

    I understand that the Micra has a centre bore of 59.1 mm, this seems large compared to most of the above, so does the bore need enlarging ? And is it OK to fit a alloy with a 4 x 100 PCD but a bore larger than 59.1 ?

    Hi, just read your i figured out to as you know where i can get 4-2-1 manifold for my 1.3 K11? Maybe a Janspeed one? New/used it doest matter.....know anyone who might help?

    Thanks for your answer,

    Oh from Slovenia.
    Dear Antony,

    I see you are selling parts of your car. Mine is a K11 cupholder in door model (2003?).

    I am doing up my car for racing. I am interested in any performance modified parts. Have you re-mapped your ecu?

    Re-mapped ecu
    Lightened flywheel
    Racing Clutch
    High pressure fuel pump
    High pressure fuel regulator
    High flow injector rail
    High flow injectors
    Short shift gear lever
    wide band lamda sensor
    Quality HT Leads
    Cold air induction kit (normally aspirated)

    Please give me a buzz on 02921251792.

    Thank you.

    Antony, Real tempted to get my rocker cover sprayed, but I worry about everything haha, so with removing the rocker cover al you simply do is remove the ht leads, disconnect to the 2 rubber pipes and simply lift off?? Dont have to worry about any fluids etc??
    hi pal,

    Any chance you could send that rail out.. ?

    ive been hella busy with these micras and havn't had time to organise getting over..
    yeah absolutely, i have 35mm spacers on mine. the only way it wouldnt is if the wheels nuts didnt thread on more than 4 full turns.
    hey just woundering would 10mm Wheel spacer's PASS a M.O.T, if not i'l take me off.

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