Removing electric wing mirrors..

Not sure if there is a guide on here for this already - I did have a quick search! Also sorry for no pictures - I cracked on this afternoon without thinking about it...

This afternoon i decided all the plastic trims were looking tatty on the shicra (making the bad, worse..!) so I set about taking them off, cleaning then spraying them. The front grilles and scuttle panel were relatively easy to remove and replace but the mirrors were a bit of a pain - being electric..

To start with, wind down the window then pull the trim with the window switches in up and back (from the front) and disconnect the switches (little white button on the front - need a flat head to push it in). There are two screws hidden under that piece of trim so whip these out.

Then, starting from the back corned of the door card, gently yank on it and the panel clips will undo - work your way to the front and eventually the bottom of the door card will be hanging free. Pull the bottom of the door card out and up and it should easily come away.

Next, pull the tweeter and trim out of the corner (two popper-type connections). This should reveal three bolts and a wire. The wire should trace to a plug attached to the door - undo it. Then undo the three bolts (this is where having the window open helps as you can hold the mirror as you undo the bolts - rather than undoing it, watching it drop to the floor, and feeling like a d**k.

You mirror is removed!

I then prized the glass out by pushing the end nearest the car and putting a long flat head under and firmly levering it out. The back cover pops off using a screw driver in the hole on the underside.

I then stuffed newspaper over/around the motors and in the hole in the back to avoid over-spraying them, few coats of satin black and repeated the above.. but in reverse obviously...

Its a big improvement - i'm used to greyed plastic trim but it all looks a bit tidier now. Combined with newly wet 'n' dried headlights its starting to look less sh*t.....

Hope this helps a little bit!!