Electric wing mirrors with indicators

Ok this is pretty ambitious but I would like to fit electric wing mirrors in my 2001 K11. I have heard the wiring should already be there in the door cards? If anyone can confirm this I would appreciate it. Also have seen the Almera switch which appears to be the same as the micra one for the blank next to the steering wheel.

For the mirrors themselves, I had an idea that I haven't seen done before but not sure if it would work. There are electric mirrors with indicators for sale on jdmautolights.com for a verita march. They look the same fitting as the micra, and even if the wiring connectors are not the same surely it would be possible to remove them and replace with your own (provided you could find a wiring diagram for the verita march). If you were able to do this you could probably also rewire the standard micra side repeaters to the wire for the inidicators on the march mirrors.

As I said pretty ambitious but just an idea.
IMG_1428.JPG IMG_1429.JPG
The wiring isn't installed from the door onwards unless it's a sport/se+. I made up a new loom and put power folding ones in. It's in my blog so if you need any info just give me a shout.

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