Performance & Parts for your K10


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Please place any useful Micra K10 websites and phone numbers of places that do some good work :D

Performance Air Filters:

Replacment filter, Slight roar!

Fast road option


Front disc upgrade

Brake hose upgrade

The front brakes can be uprated in many ways, and there is a guide that can be view by paid members


Gas Shocks, one of the best options front rear

Springs -35mm

General parts and websites:
Discount codes can be used by paid members only

1.0L k10 - K10-11&vehicle_iid=893&search=2

1.2L K10 - K10-11&vehicle_iid=897&search=2 - aways some bits, type in "micra k10"

If you want to put the MA12 1.2L engine in your 1.0L k10 then its a striaght swap, no messing ;)

The 5 speed gearbox fits onto the 1.0L engine as well no problems there

Also the pre 98 k11 gearbox has the same part number as the k10 5 speed box, so should fit too :)

Just PM me if you need any help :)

Parts compatibility:


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aww curtis lolo yea i realy need to pay my donation dont i haha since this sites helped me out soo much :D will do that on friday infact cos i want em stickers!
Thinking of selling my K10 Super S rare factory 13" alloys, few scuffs but in vgc for the age with 4 legal mixed budget tyres. Offers invited!


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So i am thinking of buying another K10 as a project car, but the one i am looking at is only a 4 speed, will i be able to put a 5 speed gear box in its place?
Hi Black Jack, i will add some photos and more acurate description possibly tomorrow. I will only be selling due to replacing them with 13" minilites/watanabes or similar. So if anyone has any suitable wheels of at least 6" width then i might be interested. Ony one of the wheels is marked from what i can remember and there is no serious damage, its just cosmetic and they were like this when i bought the car.

Below is the link for my car, you will be able to look at the wheels there. The car was'nt in the condition it is on those pictures when i bought it, there are numerous heavy handed dings around the door handles, top of wings, roof and someone had had a go at painting it too which would of been a better finish if i'd of squirted paint up my corn hole, stood back 6ft and shat all over it. I had to flat the whole car past orange peel and buff it, looks good now but there was also laquer peel and a bit of surface rust that needs repairing. I will be teasing out all the dents when this is done and it should then look more like the photos :) Unfortunately these things are never as described but i knew the pictures were old as i'd been following the car for some time. Wheels are good though but there is more paint damage on the one in the photo, i'm pretty sure the rest are good.


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If you measure your carb width on the lip you can buy a round top fit k&n (54mm ?) For a weber I believe.. about £20.
Didnt give me mega gains but it sounded a tad better too
Closest I could find to it was on ebay: