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  • now i have never been at the track seem as i live in ireland but it is situated at dodwell farm, on the b349 between stratford-upon-avon and bidford-upon-avon and just to let u know curtis down at the autograss tracks they have some seriously modified k10s and k11s so it should be worth your while to take a spin down to 1 of their meetings
    hi curtis........i was just looking at your page and it says that u live in evesham!!!!!!!!!

    just wondering did u ever go down to the autograss track in evesham to c a bit of autograss racin????????
    Just wonna say buddy that i was looking at the pics of your Almera GTI and they have quiet litteraly Inspired me lol...I never looked twice at these cars, but yours is just something different! Good job mate!:unclesam:
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