Nats wiring

hi again and so the fun continues, it's all a learning curve haha.
We have been racing micras for some time now so have a fairly broad idea of what we can / should be doing but the major stumbling block is the nats ecu wiring.
Yes we have pre nats ecu / looms that we use but I'm annoyed at the amount of " chipped " ecu's we bin and so to the point of the thread , can we use the nats ecu's / looms ??
At this time we have approx 8 complete cars and they all have nats ( the red chipped keys ). I'm not looking to specifically remove nats but was wondering if there is a way of using the ecu , engine loom , ignition ring/ antenna, chip etc keep it all wired and bunched together and live it up ( as per pre nats ecu ) ??
Obviously all the other wiring would be redundant and removed ( as we do with pre nats ). In theory I think it would work maybe fooling the ecu into believing that all relevant ( security ) features are still doing their job.
Any and all feedback appreciated many thanks in advance
Can't leave the rest of the loom in Frank it all needs to be stripped. It just seems a shame to keep binning all the nats ecu's as the pre nats ones are becoming harder to get hold of. I guess it's a case of trial and error or as some say " suck it and see " hehe.
I wonder , is there a definitive " list " of useable ecu's anywhere ( code numbers ) ie pre nats , nats 1 etc etc.
Many thanks for any replies as usual guys
With the Nats1 separate immobiliser
28591 9F901
LUCAS 52010124A
You can join wires 1+2, 5+6, & 7+8. Leave 3+4 off.
Hope this helps.
This obviously doesn't work for the later Nats ECUs.
Thanks for the info sir , but being cheeky i don't suppose you have a pic/diagram available just to make things crystal clear ( I am old lol ). Many thanks again
I don't I'm afraid. I wrote down the info a while back. Basically you unplug the black relay sized unit and cut the aforementioned wires off the connector and join them together. You don't reconnect the plug to the unit, it just becomes redundant.
That's almost as good as a pic many thanks. I presume I don't need the key chip and transponder ring as bypassing the relay should make the key etc redundant shouldn't it ??
Cheers again sir
Oh dear that's a problem then. I think most of the ones we've got have the little red chip in the key
I suppose they're nats 2 and are uncrackable ( insert lots of expletives, blame the tourrettes lol )
tenderoldwesty, it is possible to remove the nats 2 completely and still use the ECU, in the past i have managed to put approx 8 ignition 12v+ direct into the 2 plugs by the ecu and bin off the rest of the dash board wiring loom!

I am currently struggling however to get around the nats with the separate immobiliser module, the car will fire and run for a few seconds and then die so obviously a nats cut out issue! Does anyone have a diagram of which cables need joining to which to be able to remove the separate immobilser module and also the key and transponder ring?
Unplug the Nats unit and as you look at the face of the plug with the keyway at the top, pin 1 is farthest right. Join 1+2 together, 5+6 together, & 7+8 together. Leave 3+4 disconnected.

Bit old this thread though eh!

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Yeah I read that somewhere else, but I have a blue chipped key on a 2001 face-lift cg10 coil pack still have an immobiliser issue, looks like I'll be getting a new ecu and pickup ring, thanks for the input though!
Aye sorry to bring up old threads but needs must

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