Bypassing Nats

Hi all, I've read through most of the threads regarding nats, not much was there about bypassing or disabling the nats system. We do alot of hotrod racing here. Our big problem is the nats system. We usually swap out the ECU and loom to a non nats one but they are getting ever so rare.
The main question is has anyone managed to wire a new loom to bypass the nats system. Or has anyone managed to reprogram the ECU in some way to disable the nats? Thanks in advance.


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by adding a Nistune board onto a CG10 or 13 ECU, ur able to disable NATS with just 2 tick boxes.
another way is to alter the ECU wiring, there's only a few minor pin-out differences between NATS & non NATS
Anyone know what's the function of this plug /wiring ?


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