More fuel for 10psi

So he car is running and on the road peaking at 10psi with ga16 injectors on a rrfpr turned up maxing out at 4.5bar
I'm getting 15-1 afr when you get on it but I'm short shifting at 4.5k as it slowly leans out as the rpms rise...

Ideally I need to see 12.5 to 1

Any ideas?

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OK an update...
I added a 5th injector on a hobbs switch set to 8psi and it works great I now have 12.5-13 to 1 afr under full boost

Spec so far..
Cg13 cams
The obligatory pipercross cone filter
Safc neo
Ga16de injectors
5th injector setup ( vw mk2 golf gti kr cold start injector on a pressure switch set to 8psi)
Full sportex exhaust retaining both cats with modified std manifold to remove restriction and add wideband sensor
Base timing set to 0 degrees
Gizfab supercharger kit @10psi (I think he did the math on the 1.3 being a bigger displacement so should work out at 6psi on that)

Trying to tweak it for drivability at the moment but soo much torque and it pulls to the limiter going like a train after 4k

Will need to sort a dyno run

I did not think a little 1.0 could go like this! Hopefully it will stay together

Oh yea and its a deathtrap in the wet lighting up the tyres in 3rd

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