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Micra Urban Van.

Have ordered some front brake pipes for front again this time they are correct for left and right side..
I started car today and was checking on the brake pedal this seems fine feels firm enough even tho the pipe wants re- doing at least I can be sure Im getting something right.
The car started so unlikely a drain.
I have order a charger that is capable of charging this type of battery so I can try see if the old one can get another life.

When I remake this brake pipe I'm going to use a tape measure and try to get something more accurate with the bends as close to what was before as I can. (Also take that I will have to match at other side so they are even)
Also I need to clean up the sliders as I recall one at bottom was not moving as freely as top one.
Trying the pulse charger today.
So far it's telling me the old Halford battery seems to be low but does take a charge. The volts look correct and the amps were about 3.3 probably this is low.
When I try on the heavy duty battery says full the volts were 9.6 this looks almost end of life the charger shuts off instantly but does allow pulse mode to work.
The amps were in the 1.2 range.
Not exactly sure what all that means right now but I do know the heavy duty one was not holding a charge.
Seems to be doing repair tho as after a few mins it was taking charge again.
I don't plan using this for the car but it's handy to have if it does repair.
Was unable to get this one to charge with the old sigma.
Another check and the amps are going up I'm guessing it's saying its full but the amps say otherwise.
The instructions are vague as usual.
So I will keep checking and try to work it out as I go.

Micra bat full just return to check drop to 12.3v after an hour or so.
Used regular charge mode with this it sounds like it wants topping with water but not sure how to access yet.

The diesel engine battery has now got 11.1v using repair mode or pulse mode.
Again not sure how to access the cells in these they both Halfords brand ad it says sealed.
Got some distilled water to top them up but for now just want to see what they do with the volts.

I'm not leaving them on continuously since I'm unable to monitor for more than a few hours.
Once they are both charged I will add a circuit to one and see if it will run a 12v device for a set time.
Once I'm happy with the smaller micra battery I plan to store it and in case I need to start the car and run into same situation I should have a battery on standby for over cold periods.

The volts I'm showing are what the charger is telling me via the screen so accurate probably they are not but for a base line to keep an eye on I can see if they are draining fast during standing.

Also wearing safety glasses each time I check. The charger and battery so far have not seemed to get hot.

Was trying to get some new drum brakes today but they seem to be for a Nissan cube from memory tho these wil not be compatible.

The brake pipes I was comparing again and I noticed they have a larger inner diameter.
Should get the others tomorrow from auto_doc.
They are the A. B. S type so nothing special here as I've had to buy them again. 😕
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Managed to find a replacement for the fuel filler neck.
Looking more like I might get this thing back onto road again probably not until next year tho now as I have plenty left to do.