Make shift fly-off handbrake?

Hi all,

Has anyone used a “spin turn knob” aka “drift-button” on their K11? K11s are not drift machine material, so assume not, but thought I would ask.

Which other temporary / reversible solutions have people used to create fly-off handbrakes on their cars for solos, autotests, targa etc?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the reply. In time I might do that. But given I’m new to motorsport, I don’t want to go too crazy too soon until I work what I want to commit to.
You can reverse the standard ratchet it you're clever, can't remember how I did it and have no photos however...

I now push the button in to lock the handbrake on, but if the button isn't touched then the handbrake ratchet won't engage / the handbrake is 'fly-off'

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