K14 Micra A/C knob and light problem

I have a 2017 Nissan Micra k14 model, and it has a few problems. 2 of my problems with it are the a/c knobs being.. unstable.

The left knob in the video has a spot where it knocks and makes a snapping noise, I tried to feel around behind it, but can't figure out the source.

The right knob in the video used to snap aswell, not as bad as the left one, but it still isn't as easy to rotate. Feels a bit rough, at the same spot the left knob does, right at the center top. When it swaps from the left side to the right.

Going from the right side to the left side doesn't have as much resistance.

The top knob seems to be operating properly.

So that's my #1 problem. My #2 problem is the LED bulb that lights the top and right knobs in the video probably blown out, or maybe a fuse blown out. It doesn't have light at the right area of the A/C controls panel.

The left side where the left knob is at is operating fine.

Any ideas? And can I just unscrew the star screws and replace a bulb there? If so, what bulb do I need? Thanks.

Edit: Added a picture with the unlit areas. It doesn't appear unlit in the picture so I marked the areas.

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My bet would also be the cables which are at fault. If you’ve had a pollen filter changed recently I’ve seen them catch against the flaps before.

As for the lights I’m not sure you could always unscrew it and see if there is some bulbs behind it.