K14 Door mirrors

Just purchased a 22 plate Micra N-sport with keyless entry where door mirrors fold on lock and unfold on open with intelligent key, I would prefer to have mirrors set manually as per owners hand book (Page 70) but going into settings menu / Vehicle settings there is no sub menu for mirrors. Anyone with similar spec able to disable mirror folding from the settings menu ? or has nissan disabled this function with later software for some reason ?
Hey there. Same here. Have you found a soluti
No I haven't, I went to the dealers and they couldn't find the menu and ended up saying they were all like that. I E-Mailed Nissan customer service back in December and got a response after a few weeks that they were escalating my query and i haven't heard anything since. The only way I can protect the mirrors in the icy mornings was to lock the car the night before with the bladed key which locks the doors and mirrors don't fold but doesn't apply the deadlocks so not as secure but at least protects the mirror motors. I have chased up with another E-Mail today.