Idiots guide to this site, before you ask/answer questions READ THIS.

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Straight to the point, due to the untold amounts of frankly inaccurate misleading and potentially dangerous questions and answers given by members on the site, we have decided to make attempts to bring the content back into line with what it once was.

The following rules MUST BE adhered to, or you will simply find your posts deleted without warning.
  1. Golden rule number one. Unless you have ACTUAL PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE and PROOF of something you are recommending/posting to others, DON'T BOTHER POSTING. I.e. DON'T post about something your mate told you, what you have read on wikipedia or what some bloke told you down the pub. There is a major issue right now with comments that outright nonsense and this must stop. Your posts will be deleted if they are viewed to be inaccurate or just misleading.

  2. Cheap mods: Generally these don't work and are a con. Questions about cheap electric ebay fans/RC motors to make boost on your engine, other stick on engine tat will no longer be tolerated, and will be removed as soon as they are spotted. This kind of garbage does nothing to your car or you except to empty your wallet, and only serves to mess the site up.

  3. ENGINE CONVERSIONS If I had a hot meal for every.. etc, Its been covered a million times. Use the SEARCH FUNCTION don't post on this site if you want to read a step by step guide to doing it. Its too involved and if your not able to work the most of a conversion alone, this is not the place to find out how to.

  4. DO NOT GIVE OUT BAD PRATICE AS QUICK FIXES FOR PROBLEMS. For example. Eggs in radiator to solve leaking water leaks or other such horrendous advice. Offer quality and safe advice if any, otherwise JUST DON'T BOTHER.

  5. More will be added as we think of it, Bottom line is stop with all the rubbish and think before you post.
Not open for further replies.