How Do You Fit Genuine Nissan Micra Armrest?

Hi guys,
I am trying to install "Genuine Nissan Micra 2017> Centre Armrest, Fabric Beige - KE8775F0BE"
Can anybody help me with instructions on how to? I would need to remove center console assembly to insert the bracket under. I don't want to break anything. Car in question nissan micra (k14) 2021
Thank you
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K14 owners tend to be too posh to post here, never mind actually work on a car.

In reality I imagine most are on PCP with owners scared to do anything but drive them.
I’ve not fit one in my car but looking at the images of it I would say you need the centre console out to fit the bracket. Easier enough to take out it has 2 clips at the back next to the inner seat rails. Pop off the footwell trims and should be some T20 screws, then remove gear lever gator trim and there maybe some more torx 20 screws behind there and it should be pretty much off.

I would imagine if it’s a genuine arm rest you are fitting it will come with the arm rest. Any issues with it just post and I will try help out what I can.
I think you can remove the gear knob by sliding a trim down on the bottom of it and then there is a little circlip that holds it on pull that off and it should just lift off which will allow you to get the trim out. Mine is a manual so I’m unable to check it against that.
York - your right, I had a look and the bottom plastic bit pulls down (not the silver bit) and at the back there is a clip. I haven't pulled the clip yet because I'm not ready to install the armrest. Thanks for setting me on the right track. I'll report on the install when complete in a week or two.