Honda D16 swap

I'm doing a Honda D16 swap into my Be-1 BK10. Will try to post pics as I go.

Car is my daughter's dream car but she wants an automatic trans and it needs the swap to be able to deal with 85mph roads here in Texas.
Have my Honda D16 engine/trans out of the donor car. Going to add about 30lbs to the front end and triple the power to the ground fully stock.

honda-d16 engine.jpg
The Honda trans has an electronic speed sensor, but it's a direct replacement with the older honda mechanical speedometer cable connection from the older civics, so I'll be able to get a speedometer gearbox and a custom cable and still use the original speedometer.

I picked up an Anti-gravity ATX-20-HD battery which is going to save me 20lbs on the battery, so the total weight increase is about 10lbs so far.