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EPS motor changed, now intermittent immobiliser light on during drives


I have a 2005 micra. The power steering failed suddenly so I had a reconditioned motor from Western Power Steering (quoted £375 in case any future people wonder the cost of it) fitted by a mobile mechanic (£275 for 1.5 hours labour to fit and code it in).

Since then, the immobiliser light has come on whilst driving. It turns off when the engine is turned off and isn’t on when restarted, but after the same length of time driving (couple of minutes) the light returns.

The mechanic said it had nothing to do with his work, he has no clue why it’s happening, and he can’t fix it as he doesn’t specialise in immobiliser/keys. He spoke to his friend who specialises in immobilisers/keys and they also don’t know why it’s happening. As usually it would mean the car wouldn’t work at all if there was an issue with the immobiliser.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing it? Or why it isn’t on all the time? If there’s anything he may have done that could have upset something in there? I worry that although it’s fine now, that I will be away from home, try to get back home and it not let me drive.

He has told me to keep driving it for a week and let him know if it’s still happening. It is. I can ask him if he can clear the fault codes, as that was his suggestion, but I worry it could stop the key working completely, and then it’ll add extra cost. I just wonder if it’s due it to be caused by the work being done. Although if it’s just a coincidence, fair enough. I don’t want to throw any accusations about, I would just like for us to all understand the cause really.

I have also changed the fob battery and that didn’t provide a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Edit - it had a new battery about 4 months ago. But it hadn’t had any issues.
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