Door mirror

Hi Everyone,
I would very much appreciate anyones help on how to remove the complete passenger door mirror on a 2012 visia with manual joystick for adjustment

I cannot see how to disconnect the cables from mirror to joystick, the reason for replacement is some kind person has broken plastic housing that mounts on to the door. Therefore the need to replace complete assembly.
Sadly only had the car a month ready for my retirement from work.

Thank you in advance.


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This may help. I did mine a couple of years ago however its the electric mirror adjuster rather than cable, however generally similar. Are you trying to replace parts of the mirror or the entire unit?

I replaced the whole unit after somebody hit ours, snapping the mounting plate. The coloured cover (no 1 in below image), whilst a pain to remove, can be swapped. The mirror units are the same between Phase 1 and Phase 2 models.


Thank you very much Splank,
it's item 5 on the drawing for the manual mirror that I'm not sure how to remove, the joystick mechanism and the part that holds it on the door does it slide or have be pressed or even levered off.
Thanks again


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It looks like it held on with pawl's like the corner cover (2) so it would appear it just needs leveraging off or to leaver up any catches..

Incidentally, that seems to be the only difference between the manual and electric mirror units.