Hi folks,

My daughter just bought her first car, an 08 Micra 1.2 Tekna with 39k miles on it. Couple of wee niggles with it, one of which is the rear view mirror which is quite marked so I want to replace is. I did manage to get one from a scrappy prior to picking up the car, but it's the basic pull up and off version whereas the one in the car has the rain sensor and cover. There's no obvious way this comes off, anyone got any tips on how to take this off and is the same mirror fitted to any other Nissan's so I can widen my search of eBay and scrappies for a replacement? Or given the mirror itself is the same, any way to pop the mirror i got off the ball joint of the fitting and onto the ball joint of the existing fitting?

Any and all advice gratefully received, want the car to be the best for her first car!!

Just to follow up on this, 2nd trip to the scrappy today, K12 Micra with h sensor has the same mirror as a Note and the housing an mirror just pull off

Mirror replaced, car interior now looking much better :)