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Cvt oil level

Does anyone know what the oil level be in the cvt gearbox? The car is a 2012 K13 micra DIGS 1.2. It has no dip stick on the gearbox, just a short stubby stem.
Yes. car level anv cvt oil < 45c, behind the drain plug there is a small pipe - best described as an overflow pipe (which has to be removed if drainig/doing a partial oil change*), you put enough oil in via this until the oil no longer runs out, this is with the engine running and after you have excercised the g-box - moving through all the selectipns, P<N, D,L,R a few times - but the transmission oil musnt be 40c +/- 5c for the level to be correct.
I did an oil and filters chang at ~35K miles and it greatly improved the cvt's behavior, and I do mean greatly!
Note when you change the oil (highly recomended, even if just the drain and refill) it is best to do cvt 'rese'/adaptation' re learn.