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  • alright were trying to organise a meet on monday 27th i think in south shields, would you be interested in coming?
    Hi, I have only just made this account. I noticed on an old post of yours that you had ignition switches and door locks etc for a Nissan Micra K10. Last night some fools have walked past our K10 bent the door to get inside and broken the steering lock in the process of knackering the ignition barrel. So, obviouslly we need new locks and keys to go with them. Have you got any ideas?

    Thank you very much in advance.
    Hi, just been browsing on the bits from the 1.3 you have for sale.. most of the photo links dont work though (probably due to the new site setup) was just wanting to see what various bits looked like, particularly the alloy wheels... Dunno if u can fix the links? Cheers.

    Hmm just noticed that thread is kinda old and you may not have anything left anyway... sorry if ive just posted this for nothing lol

    Can you import anything in from Japan for me. i have heard your name popping around this sight and wondered if you could help?


    Will Halligan
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