Cabrio Hard Top

Apart from the on-going Project SR I have for a while been thinking about designing and producing a colour-coded hard top for my JDM FHK11 1.3i Cabriolet. Having in the past worked for a boat building company and having obtained the skill sets to manufacture boat hulls and moulds I don't foresee many problems in undertaking the task! B-)
Filthy. Have some pride in the poor thing. :p
My friend has a colour coded fibreglass hardtop on his yellow Mk1 MX5. Done well it works wonders, you can put a bigger rear window in too so there isn't so much of a contrast in visibility. I prefer driving my Cab in reverse when the top's down just because you can see so well!
Just had a chat with someone about this. It involves doing a mold after the canvas top and work from that. Will see how mich would cost me but I really want one

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I will make a profile mould first then a female mould, the hardest bit will be obtaining or manufacturing the metal profile cross member that connects to the front windscreen top surround? :-(