Battery Drains

Hi Folks!

My K12 battery it's draining and I don't know what to do more.
It was getting discharged in a week without using the car, and I fully charged the battery at home 3 times. It worked for a week and It went without battery.
I purchased a new battery a few weeks ago, and I ride out of battery in 10 days without using the car.

I suspect that something is draining the battery (think it's obvious).

With an Amperimeter, i tested the intensity and it goes to 50 mA when the car is off and everything is closed. I read over the Internet that 50mA it's OK for the internal clocks and systems when the car "sleeps". I did this to check the fuses to isolate the problem, but the amperimeter gives me the 50mA that I assume It's OK.

What would the next step be? Any clues on finding the fault? Or 50mA is too much and I should test the fuses until I get a lower value?

Thanks in advance!
My Micra is stored for similar periods and still draines the battery and my electrics are 100% in good order, so fit a solar trickle charger inside the windscreen when not in use for some time and will help with battery.⚡

Hi Mach1,
Thank's for the reply, but It's not what I was looking for. I've also read somewhere that it can be a Software Issue, that maybe updgrading the software can solve this issue.

I think in the possibility that maybe some Rele is not turning off properly, but when I disconnect the battery and reconnect for the amperimeter, it maybe turns off properly due to no electricity.

Any other clue would be appreciate.
Start with checking the fuses with the cenral locking system, also check the alternator (as faulty diodes within the alternator can drain power when stood idle). If you can store the vehicle without locking up the car, try this and see if there is any significant power drain. If you believe the power drain is larger than normal then you have to go through a process of elimination to cure the problem.:unsure:
Tomorrow I can leave the car at the garage, and I will take off every fuse, and double check about the current intensity.
I think that maybe 50-60 mAmpers in standby, it's too much, and I'll try removing one fuse at a time and check if the intensity is lower.

If you can test the intesity on your Micra K12, in stand by mode, please tell me the value.