Advice on a turbo

Hi all was just wondering if a T2 turbo from a Renault GT5 would be suitable on a 1.3 micra engine?


Ryan :)

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just about any turbo will fit ryan, it just depends on what rpm you want it to kick in
my t15 kicked in from idle, and my td05 kicked in at 5k rpm
Yes it can be made to fit. Dont know what your goals are?
Hoping it'll fit straight on as the turbo is up for sale complete with custom manifold to fit the micra engine :) not too sure what my goals are lol just like messing with my car/engine plus a bit more poke would be good

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If it came off a Micra And you have everything then iT shouldnt be so hard. You need: manifold, turbo, oil feed line, oil drain line, sump Or plug to fit to your sump, piping from turbo to throttlebody, Some vacuüm lines, a boost gauge, downpipe (Maybe complete exhaust If the downpipe doesnt fit the current exhaust) some engine management to control fueling.

That was about iT. Might have forgotten Some stuff. Do mind you cant run high boost levels on a stock engine. About 0.6 bar is the max if i remember correctly.