Advice on a 1.4 with a td04 turbo set up!

So today finally finished my 1l coil pack to a 1.4 coil pack on a 1l box. rebuilt engine with double head gasket with td04 turbo on a log manifold custom stainless turbo back exhaust 2.5” and fmic with custom solid pipe work. Running on waste gate pressure atm.. so seems very sluggish off boost! Boost in 3rd don’t come in till 60mph.. it’s not a lot of boost maybe 4-5psi... wondering if anyone else has a similar set up.. any ideas how to get it spoiling abit faster?... and what the max the injectors will flow on the standard pump? Have a set of red Almera injectors (I think) to drop in.. (still on standard tube atm)... any advice be grate! Test drive went great just want abit more go of boost to pick up quick seems V slow off boost (like a 1l ) ?‍♂️

thanks guys!