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  • Hi mate I'm thinking of getting these H4 bulb connectors (link below) because my drivers side connector is burnt. Can I just simply twist the wires together when I get them and tape them with insulating tape?
    Hi, Phil

    I posted a thread about your rear lights in the Bulgarian Nissan forum. There's a guy who might be interested. He asked me about the reverse light - is there any. The construction of these lights is not a standard one and he needs to know more about it.


    Hi pjg

    Erm the gear stick wasnt too hard theres a few bolts on the top and one on the bottom holding it in, take them off and it should just wiggle out.

    And im not sure on the manifold i will check tomorrow for you when i go to work :)

    Cheers Adam
    ah yeah, how is your project coming along? im liking your k11, did you swap them white wheels in the end?

    and lol, me likes alot mate

    Dude! it worked and i just run the wires along the boot of the car! thanks for all your help matey ;)

    and yeah its a good avatar :)
    Cheers for that mate, will give it a go now ;)
    next time im in Leeds, there will be a pint waiting for you :)

    Oooo, that's a good one, I'll check on my mates micra at lunchtime and I'll get back to you.
    Hey dude, erm i have tinted rear lights and when i put the car into reverse the fog light (rear) comes on, and when i put the fog light (rear) on the reverse light comes on lol

    what wires do i need to cut? thanks in advance mate

    It's not goin well, honda didn't want me, I've applied to over 50 jobs in various areas and got nothing which sucks, nevermind, somethin will show up.
    How's your car comin along? painted those wheels yet?
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