What front logo?

Hi all,
my "few Euro K11" hasn't the front logo. So, during a "special operation" to a junkyard, I took a front logo from a face lift K11.
But there is a shadow on the paint that suggests me that the "new" logo may be not right.
Or the old logo that has left the shadow was not correct: the front bonnet has been infact "managed", probably due to an accident: so... where is the truth? Is it in the shadow or in the "new" logo I found??
The mounting holes in the big logo (shadow), are in a such strange position?

So, for all it may concern, the paint tells the truth. The logo has to be 10 cm large and the round is 7 cm diameter.
Finally I can fall asleep.
Yep, looks like the 2nd facelift (coilpack version) had the bigger logo. Nissan probably didn't want to change tooling for the hood and that's why the holes are still in the place for the 1st facelift logo position.

I found a picture of one for sale that confirms the stud/hole position:
Hello FinnishCoffee, thank you for your post; just this morning, I saw another K11 as mine and the logo, infact, is the bigger version. My other little logo will become the pendant for the chain.