Water in boot/wheel well?

Has anyone had a problem / leak where some water gathers in the wheel well in the boot?
Our's is leaking a bit e.g. after rainfall, it seems to getting in from the near/left hand /passenger side (in the UK), after taking the carpet and trim off in the left hand side, found a potential area in a grommet behind the rear of the wheel arch, where someone has had a aftermarrket rear parking sesnsor system fitted, sealed this up but still getting water ingress. :-(
Removed and sealed with butyl rubber goo the whole hatch seal, removed and sealed the rubber boot for the cabling in the hatch thats in the left hand hatch gutter, , also removed the rear light and checked and sealed that but still get the small leak. :-(
It's doesnt seem to matter if the car is pointing up or down hill, still get a small trail of water on the left hand rear bulkhead in the boot underneath the floor :-( Just dribbles down there and get a small puddle in the wheel well, if left overnight / a day or two, most elusive, cant see it when using a hose etc including from underneath the car/in the wheel arch, up under the rear bumper, just gathers over a day or so {:-{.


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My wife's Micra had some water in her wheel well..... I believe it was either water from a bottle she had left in her boot which had leaked OR the passenger side rear light cluster letting water by. A light had blown anyway so had to remove the light cluster and refit. Wheel well has stayed dry since!