Skuff Plate Light Issue

Hi, I have a 2018 Bose Edition K14 that came with silver skuff plates installed on the driver and front passenger door sills. They have ‘MICRA’ written on them and the lettering lights up at night.
But since I got the car, the drivers’ side plate hasn’t worked.

The dealership said to replace the batteries, I did and this seemed to fix the issue, but after a day or so it went off again and hasn’t been on since.
I took the passenger side plate off tonight to compare them and now that one has gone off too.

I’m not sure where to even begin with troubleshooting the problem, any help would be fantastic!
Hey Dezo!
From what I can hear from your description, it seems like your batteries are just draining somehow.
Are you sure the lights go out at daylight? Because - if I'm correct - the letters lights up as soon as you open the door.

If your door won't close perfectly, or the plates can't detect when the doors are closed, than it will be on 24/7. From that perspective, it would be very normal that the batteries are drained after a day or two.

What happens if you put new batteries in it after it has been drained? Does it work fine? Does it get drained again so fast?

If you still need help, I'm glad to help or share my knowdledge.