shift control solenoid circuit - worth fixing?

Howdy, I have a Nissan Micra 1L 2002 CVT model, this morning I dropped the wife into town and barely got home, suddenly there was no drive and the car barely made 20mph. When I got home I noticed the Sport was flashing when you turned on the ignition, found this thread on the forum and put the gearbox into diagnostic mode.

The result was "Shift control solenoid circuit is short circuited or disconnected", ufortunately that's as far as I've got, I phoned a couple of garages and they both said "we've no idea, it'll cost more to diagnose than it's worth, cheaper to scrap it".

So is this something that can be fixed easily, and if so, how? Or should we just scrap the car completely. Other than this problem it's fine and I really don't want to scrap it, I've had it since new.

Any help much appreciated.