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Serious knocking noise from front suspension

Hi everyone...I wanted to put a video on here to show everyone what I meant, but didn't know how to upload it!? But heres a photo.
Ive been hearing a metallic clunkjng, gradually getting louder/worser over last month or so, each time I go over holes or bumps. Ive noticed that I can move this whole black metal suspension arm, up & down over the rubber balljoint (shown) by levering it with a screwdriver. Am I right in thinking that this balljoint is meant to be fixed into the metal arm? Is this the noise problem? Can I replace it with a new one? Please...any advice would be very much appreciated!!?
If you make a video first then upload to YouTube or what ever you prefer to use then copy the URL link or hyperlink it might be then paste it into your post the video will then show and play hope this helps.
Press on share one the video you uploaded then copy URL and paste might be different if your using a phone on computer.
It should be easy but can get confusing.
Can anyone see the video ive just tried to put on...
Any further thoughts!?
But THANK YOU ALL, gor the feedback so far!
I watched the video. I'll be interested to see what happened if you replaced the lower arm assembly - did the noise stop? I'm trying to track down a metallic knocking in the region of my OSF wheel when going over bumps. No-one's managed to find anything yet! The only clue is that if I apply the brakes gently, the noise doesn't occur.