Rear wiper failed K13

K13 2012 - Made a five hour drive in the rain, occasionally using the rear wiper - without issue. Next morning the wiper was dead. Any suggestions for diagnostics. There appears to be 12Vdc at the motor when the continuous sweep (second position on the stack switch) is set. I cannot find a failed fuse, but I am not sure which fuse covers the rear wiper, advice appreciated.

Has anyone got a wiring diagram ?
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If there is 12v across the motor when the switch is set to on, then it's probable that the motor has failed rather than anything else. If a fuse had gone or a broken cable then it would not supply power at all.



check there are no broken wires in the harness where it goes through convoluted rubber tube/grommet. Relay needs signal back from motor internal switches to trigger wipe cycle. Had this fault on other cars before.