Odometer EEPROM error

K11 Speedo help please..

I got a speedo with tacho on it. Both the old & new PCBs and chips/connectors are the same, just one has a tacko driver and the old one doesnt. To get correct milage i decided to swap the ST M93S46 eeprom chips over so im assuming all the data would be on both chips and the milages would swap over.

After swapping the chips over the time clock is working. Trip milage reads 0000.0 but has changed to Kms from mls. The milage just reads dashes - - -- - -- --
Please see photos. Both are the same.

Anyone know why this has happened and how to fix it?

Anyone got a data dump from a k11 93S46 eeprom they can send me?
I can reprogram a new chip if worst comes to worst.

Many thanks in advance.


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