Blog: Nissan Micra K11 1275cc Rally Car

Have you been to Talbenny? Thats my nearest one! All small cars go well there , usually wet usually slippery quite tight and twisty yet with some decent straights for the speed! Well worth a look!
Hey mate :) i own a micra rally car too :)
Just wondering where you got your stickers from the car looks awsome!
Hey, i would like to say im a bit of a designer so i did it myself. I was given the software on my computer and used the new Citroen Ds3 r2 as my inspiration. I got the stickers finalised and made in a company called Smart Graphics in South Wales. Seems to fit on perfectly and your not the only one to ask for the design so i must be doing something right! :)
Have you been to Talbenny? Thats my nearest one! All small cars go well there , usually wet usually slippery quite tight and twisty yet with some decent straights for the speed! Well worth a look!
No i havent been to Talbenny i have heard its a great venue. I think its another venue i will have to try next season! Still decideing on whether or not to do the Welsh Gravel Championship or the Welsh Tarmac Championship in 2014? Hmmmm....


Heres another two photos of the 'Mighty Micra' Out on the hill billy sprint! Looks quite clean haha!
haha it didnt take me that long to do actually, i am a bit handy at designing but it only took me an hour or so to get to the stage it is! best part was getting it to fit the micra! haha. Had a few more bits made the other day so pictures of them up hopefully too!
Had a last minute autotest today and dusted the car off for a run! Went really well and was very quick compared to the rest as it was tight and twisty and suited the nibble micra. Only problem is the handbrake wasnt up to much and didnt really work after used it to go into a corner backwards....haha little bit too much speed but some great pics! Will upload them soon and i even a video!

Last minute decision but i think i will be posting alot more photos and results this year as im entering the Bridgend Autotest Championship! Came second junior on the event up!
Been a while since ive updated this....sorry guys! Soon ive got two events back to back so a lot of hard work and just my luck one is Gravel and one is Tarmac so no time to test set up in between but it will be fine. Hopefully get some good pictures of the car and blow the cobwebs off it haha!

Chance to try my new wheels and Slicks aswell...Yes!

Also found some old pictures of the car when it had some success in the English Gravel Championship from 2006 onwards....





It looks a bit.....well very different now haha!

Yeah sorry havent posted in a while! Been a busy time with me turning 17! Done three events....had first in class on the first two winning the 1400 class and Junior! and On the last and most recent one i was staggered to have a 1st Overall! Came as a shock but with some damp and slippery conditions the car felf amazing and was able to put the power down compared to others! Leading the championship now.... and yes the wheels are all 14" by 6" dont have any other size at the moment.





Just a few photos from each event ive done recently! Got a month or two break in events now to pass my driving test and start stage rallying! Wish me luck....
They are to deflect stones and mud away from the rear beam and all the areas of the rear, i think it gives some protection to the tank as well but thats full protected with kevlar anyway.
Have you considered the benefits of all those mudflaps? Versus how much worse affairs would be without them, taking into consideration all the weight they add etc. I'm not a fan of flaps on fwd cars personally, particularly on rear wheels, unless rules dictate of course.
Yeah i do i think personally because the drive wheels are at the front they are firing stones straight at the underneath of the car so i think for the actual weight of them they are very useful, all cars must have mud flaps but they dont need the centre flaps that i have. The material is quite light and versitile and works very well. Its just for some added protection and i quite like them just makes the car look a bit more properly prepared.
Depends on your discipline. I don't have to have them for road rally. Clatted up with wet mud they must weight 4kg which I'd rather not drag around. The public get offended by spotlights, helmets, noise and graphics so, as I compete on open public road I'm only allowed a single car colour and no helmet. Spots are limited to two and restricted in size. There are very few spectators to protect, the sides and underside are just as dirty with or without them so I don't have flaps.
Yeah the car was a road rally car when i had it just changed the spec to suit my needs still got all the stuff to put it back. The dirts not to bad it clears itself and round my area is a high concentration of rally cars and drivers so public dont make much of a fuss.

I know in a earlier post you said you were running 14" wheels. Is that the size of the compomotive alloys? Can I ask what the offset is please. I would like to get some the same for my car but was previously looking for 13".


Been a very long time since I've posted on here.....sorry guys! Some big news and updates since the last post....

Firstly the car has had some great results on its last few events with podiums and yet more awards....brilliant!

The car has changed a bit and a change of wheels, some engine modifications and a diet has helped along the way!

Full Size Picture.jpg



As you can see the car has seen mainly wet conditions and hasn't had any problems what so ever....literally put fuel in an go....what a brilliant machine!

Recently we have had few modifications to the car just to squeeze everything out of it,

Magnecor Race HT Leads

Multipoint Race Spark Plugs

Millers Nanodrive Race Oil

New Filters

Interior Repaint to silver

Engine limiter modification ( Now revs to 7400 Rpm )

New lightweight Japanese Wheels

New composite sumpguard

New Omp TRS-E seats

All interior trim removed ( Only dashboard left )

Finally next in the to do list is Perspex windows and some more power with a new head and engine rebuild curtosey of the great Matt Humphries....later on in the year.....

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I will soon to update with some more news hopefully!!!
Interested to know what events you habe done in last twelve months?

Weve done three stage rallies and many autotests....this due to me being 17 and having to pass my test and get the BARS etc....

Heres the rallies we did,

Builth Wells Stages 2013

WWRS Jaffa Stages 2013

Rali Cwm Gwendraeth 2014

Entry is now in for the Tour of Epynt...we are car 107! Two Micra's behind us....

By any chance do you know what the paint code of the yellow interior is ?

I have a micra rally car which is yellow inside but struggling to get a match and yours looks close

I don't know sorry! To be honest its getting faded and very dirty being yellow at the moment but I have no plans to change the colour.

I will ask about and if I get any sort of idea I will let you know!
Very nice rally little beast!
You did spot welding reinforcement on chassis? Or added reinforcement plates? I'm looking for a chassis reinforcement scheme.

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Thank you very much!

There is reinforcement plates welded to the body where the legs of the roll cage join the shell.

And all the shell has been seem welded along all the joints! Other than that it has been cut away not reinforced!


Cut all this away yesterday! Put half our polycarbonate window kit in only got the other side to do and in total i have saved 15.1 kgs already!! Amazing how much weight there is behind and in some panels you don't need!

Get some pictures with the windows in later!
Estoy comenzando este hilo para cualquier consejo o si a la gente le gustaría ver cómo estoy. Recientemente adquirí un Nissan Micra 1275cc preparado para el Rally completo MSA y tengo la intención de competir con él. ¡He tenido algunos autotests / Gymkhanas pero no he tenido mucha suerte! Sumis eventos para todos ustedes. ¡Disfrutar!
Jo tengo un micra k11 con el motor 1.0 i la homologación fía no me deja correr si fuera él micra súper s si porque lleva el 1.3 i jo preguto si cambiara el motor 1.0 1.3 me dejaría correr la homologación fía ?