Nissan Data Scan

I'm posting my experience using Nissan Data Scan for anyone who might find it useful as there's very little information anywhere (even on the Nissan Data Scan website) about how it works for the K12. Its a simple program that offers full dealer level diagnosis and code reading at a fraction of the cost of Consult and uses a £17 VAG K+CAN cable. The support for the K12 on the NDS website is almost non existence and what there is is mostly wrong, but I can confirm that it's worked perfectly for me for what I've used it for.

They offer three programs, NDS1, NDS2 and NDS3 that i think correspond with Nissan Consult 1, 2 and 3 and so are designed to work with cars in different age brackets. Unfortunately due to electronics I don't understand the K12 is partly supported by NDS2 that supports the airbag and ECU (basic ECU code reading and clearing is free), and NDS3 supports everything else. With this in mind and considering code reading is free for the ECU in NDS2, most people will only need to pay for NDS3 unless they need to work on the air bag or change to the ECU settings.

The software can be downloaded and tried for free to check that its able to communicate with the car and generally play around with, but the paid version is needed to carry out anything useful such as clearing and reading codes, coding new keys or changing and reading parameters.

Their website states that NDS2 requires a VAG COM cable and NDS3 a VAG K+CAN but I've been able to use a VAG K+CAN for to connect to both.