Nearside window - possibly switch fault

Hi, new here.
My wife's Figaro's passenger window will only work from the driver's side control. The window lock button works and isn't the cause.

The window works fine. I've taken the switch off and cleaned the contacts for the plug and taken it apart and cleaned the contacts on top under the moving copper contacts, and the backs of the moving parts. No change.

I can't find the live. Fuses are all okay and everything else works fine. I'm at a loss where to look next. Any thoughts appreciated. Is the wiring in these cars the same as the k10 Micra, if I picked up a k10 manual would the colour of wires be the same etc? I can't seem to make any sense with a multimeter on it. If I fiddle with the settings on there meter I get higher readings across two contacts. But it's not the normal settings I use so not really sure what it means. It's a long time since someone showed me how to use it properly, I usually only check batteries with it..

Thanks for any help in advance.