Mysterious plastic cover in the engine room


today i found a plastic cover laying around the engine room of my k13 micra. it was on the alternator side. does anyone know what it is and where it shohuld go?

plasticna zastita.JPG
Hi, this looks like one of the radiator shrouds, it should sit between the radiator and the grille to direct the air into the radiator. This is not a critical part in the UK as our ambient temperatures are not as high as other markets the car is sold in, but it may cost you some fuel efficiency as air will be flowing through the engine bay, causing drag. I believe to be able to refit this, the front bumper needs to be taken off, and it is mounted using push clips.
thanx for the tip. it makes sense as we found it around that area. i'll go check it out and see if i can squeeze it back into it's place.