Motorsport UK LIST 1A tyres of choice for autosolo?


I'm new to k11 ownership and club level motorsport (recently joined FDMC).

I appreciate that when competing in autosolos, people bring spare wheels with tyres to trash. But I need to change the all tyres on my car anyway for road worthiness/MOT; I'll keep they old ones for sticking on the rears at solos. However, I have a few newbie questions that people may be able to help with please:
  • I need to get some extra steel wheels, do people feel it makes a difference whether you run 14" or 13" rims for solos?
  • I'm assuming i's a good idea to use cheap/old rubber tyres at the rear (with some extra psi) to make the backend mobile and then have something grippier at the front for traction; is that correct?
  • Do all tyres you use have to appear in List 1A i.e. even the naff, cheap Black Circle specials on the rear?
  • Which 1A compliant, half-decent tyres do people run for grip at the fronts? e.g. RainSports, A539s
    • I'm also conscious about driving to and from events and want some half-decent rubber for the public highways at least; they might as well be List A1 compliant.
I guess none of this matters much because I'm expecting to turn-up, be utter rubbish, have fun doing skids and then practice lots for years until I'm half competitive. But, if I have to change tyres and buy some extra steelies anyway, I might as well start with a good foundation.

Any help and advice appreciated and welcomed.




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For solo's I would stay on 13" tyres (better acceleration). For List 1A tyres I find (tyres are very much a personal choice...) Yoko A539's are the best, and use the 175/50R13 tyres which further lowers your gearing. I used these to win a targa rally outright in our Micra last year. Look for a Mini specialist for the Yoko's in that size as they are basically made for old mini's.
Thanks Matt. Appreciate it.
Out of interest, do you stick rubbish rubber at the back and over inflate?

By the way, I like your website and car spec ??


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It's been a while since I used the Micra on a solo, in the past I have used whatever I had lying around, but I wouldn't over inflate them. 32psi front and 26psi rear is what I used, but again this is personal choice.....
I will be breaking a K11 in a few weeks, plenty of wheels, tyres and spares available, everything going cheap and some performance parts too.
Oh, and comp sec in FDMC :)
Simon T
Hi Simon. That’s sounds of interest thanks for the message. Yes, I know who you are - I was the newbie who rode shotgun with you on marshalling a 12 car rally in Dec/Jan.

So is this the yellow one that Helen nearly rolled??
Arh, So you are that Mike. Great to see you have a car now, lets hope 2021 will be a bit more fun that 2020 so far. Yes thats Helen showing off on 2 wheels at an Autocross event.
Clearly I am home based, so you are welcome to pop over and have what you need off the car, It has an adjustable panhard rod on it which I will be selling on. Also Almera 1.6 air box and filter which is much bigger than Micra unit. Seat harness, loads of wheels and tyres, on alloys as well as steels.